Any ideas/edits i should add for my castle map?

so im trying to make a sorta dead by daylight map like the game its self so im trying to make a hiding mechanic that will take the player out of the hiding spot and damage their health when the killer checks the hiding spot and i need ideas for my castle map decor heres what i got so far


maybe add better flooring, I can see that the floor is a little bit undecorated


i guess that is true maybe i could add layered carpeting to it


tho my question is how would you make a good throne in gimkit?? cuz rn that throne im using is not looking too good rn

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Maybe add little touches like shields and banners, add less repeated props, more medieval props, and make different zones with layered flooring.
Edit: You can also make a circus zone with the new circus tent.


yeah i have trouble making things look good i use a lot of repeated things sometimes when im out of ideas anyways i gtg for a while i´ll be right back

The size and map boarder looks perfect, but it seems a bit empty, by lacking rooms and filled with props. To make it look realistic, I would add these.

If you want, I can also make a prototype for a few of your rooms.

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okay i am a bit confused when killer check player hiding spot shouldn’t the player automacticly be putted into a carry?

please get rid of that as people can use ur email for a lot of things that might risk of privacy being invaded also that can get flagged so please delete it as soon as possible. and also delete the location of where you are as people can use that to track your location.

You should make a maze

yeah that would be a problem so i decided to just take the player out of the hiding spot and take away half of their health so im technically making an adjusted dead by daylight since you cant exactly carry peeps in gimkit (and the weapon is adjusted to also take away half health)

and yeah that would be great @I_Like_Props !

Okay! I will start it now.

Here are the ideas I came up with:


It’s not the best, but I hope it helps!

those look great!

Thank you! They look empty because I left room for the devices.

yeah i do need to make the rooms a bit bigger for the devices so makes sense

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but anyways i´ll mark a solution now these prototypes will do for now

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