Any idea how to do the hand puzzles?

so i need to create a hand puzzle like one of those path ones like in poppy playtime but i cant figure out how to without wasting a crap ton of memory on animations and what not

i think there’s a way on how to do this. do you have any image showing the puzzle you mainly wanna do?

erm lemme see im trying to do like one of those basic ones and go on from there to make complicated ones i cant access images due to lightspeed filter -_- but im too lazy to use the slow proxy i have

was thinking to use gadgets to start a changable chainlink reaction but forgot theres no way to track weapon shots -- maybe lasers then? nvm laser and sentries dont work together --

if you can, probably use props which can be damageable.
sorry for asking, but what’s the lightspeed filter?

I’m sorry, I know this is off-topic, but I can’t get over that cat-nap pfp :skull:

props cant be damaged by lasers sadly :frowning: i figured that out by testing it rn im testing direction properties to do this

Have you considered using text for animations?
By using a combination of text and props, you could use psuedo-broadcasts to activate/deactivate a corresponding prop to a text. Then some sort of button or trigger input system?

currently decided to use lasers for looks and channels and triggers for mechanics getting close to finish if i dont run into any bugs

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i made the basic building block for one of these puzzles yayyyy :smiley:

sure its a bit raw but it could always do with some decor

Wait—what is a hand puzzle? I’ve never played the game before.
Sounds interesting.

it is basically a 3d connect the the hand to the power point thing there are much more versions of this which are notably tougher the one which i have made is really simple and i just built the basic block to building one of these puzzles

Oh. Now I’ve heard of it. Hm–sounds pretty tough to do.
It looks like you’re doing pretty well with it.

yeh its gonna require a lot of boolean properties if im gonna make a finished complicated one ._.

anyways solution time! (sorry i know it annoys some of yall peeps but none of yall helped in time and i had to do it myself so im giving my self the solution as much as i hate it)

Doesn’t bother me. I like seeing solutions. It makes me happy to see that someone has or has been helped in any way possible.
Good luck making it though. Oh, and you should add it to :scroll: The Ultimate Guide to Poppy Playtime once you’ve finished and/or made a guide about it!

Only if you want to.

never was a fan of making guides but it would help that guide so much HNNGGGGGGGGGGG (i never explained stuff well)

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Ohhhh I’m an idiot. This is the hand puzzles from chapter 3. (yes, I know, I’m slow)

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