Any advice for dialog and response's? + should I use model or banner for pop-up

After much effort, I have successfully completed my Gimkit combat system. However, I am seeking advice on how to improve the dialogue and make it more engaging, similar to a “bad end theater” scenario with multiple choices that won’t end in a sad outcome. (sorry if my grammar sucks) (I am uncertain if this falls outside the scope of this forum, but I am willing to accept any consequences, even if it results in being flagged temporarily)

This isn’t off-topic. Here are my suggestions:

For dialogue, use banners. Change the font to fit the player (or whoever’s speaking)'s personality that you want to portray. You can also do the same with the color. Adding icons and items may “spice up” the work as well!


I’ll get started on that and thanks for informing me that it’s not off topic.

you could use popups set to banners with call to action buttons so you can have options on how to respond

you could make it a notification if it isn’t that long and make it so it’s success,error, or something like that

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Okay I will maybe if i don’t lose motivation

When doing dialogue, be sure to use proper grammar. Also, try to make it engaging and fun to read.

What not to do: “Welcome to the store. What can I help you find?”
Why not? Too robotic.

What to do: “Hey! Welcome to Big Ben’s Donuts! I’m glad to help you find whatever you want.

Make it seem like they are real people in a real world.

Also mark a solution.

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