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So I am trying to make my game more “educational” by adding a questioner, and every checkpoint you reach, you have to answer a # of questions. I made the system so when you reach a checkpoint, it will open the menu to answer questions (the player can’t close it ofc). There is a counter that makes sure when you answer a certain amount of questions, it closes the menu. When I tested the game with my friend, and when we both get a checkpoint, the counter still thinks that there is only 1 person answering the question. What I mean is, how do I make it so each player, when they reach a checkpoint, will have to answer all # questions?

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Quick question:

Do you want the individual players to answer questions? (so the questionare closes for that player whenever that player answers the questions?)


Do you want all players to answer questions? (so the questionare closes for everyone whenever one person answers the questions?)

It is a platformer, so I need the 1st option.

Set the count scope to player in the counter setttings.


checkpoint reached → set player to configured speed (0.0)
Checkpoint reached —> open answer question screen
Question answered correctly —> increment counter (scope: player, target: #, property: questions)
Answer question screen closed —> run check (value of property , <, “#” - 1)
Check passed —> set player to configured speed (1.0)
Check passed —> reset counter (for the next checkpoint)
checker fa*led —> open answer question screen

platformer or top-down has nothing to do with that question…

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