Another bug involving sentries

So I was testing the new sentry little thing, and saw that there were two hat rims, low and behold after the game ends and go into editing, the one ontop with the zapper cannot be moved (I know it probably can be fixed with refreshing, but I might as well report it)

Bro, everyones sentry’s are breaking.


It’s confusing tho, like has this ever happened (DLD UPDATE SOON?)

Maybe. I’m not really good at noticing bugs, but there’s something definitely wrong with that.

This is the same guy that posted before… :roll_eyes: I dont know why we have to make several posts on it. And if refreshing works….?

Also the “two rim” thing is clearly just one in front of the other ….

As for DLD, it will likely be out before March, based on other patterns in updates, and they started working on it last week.

It’s a new update. Many guides on this. SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST!!

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Well, that’s a spoiler for me. How do you know this?

And yes, there do seem to be a bunch of problems after updates…

I just think it’s odd and any little bug should at least be recognized, because it may seem little at first, but any little bug can break a game

I didn’t say that?…

we can help you fix it but
this forum is not for reporting bugs report at

I mean–you said likely it will be released before March. It sounds really believable. These updates are coming pretty quickly. Sorry, @TryEverything. I thought it was an announcement, not a statement.

No, i was talking about the quote…
“And yes, there do seem to be a bunch of problems after updates…“

…isn’t that what Bugs is about?

I guess it is mostly for getting help with bugs on the forum (if they are a problem)

It doesn’t let you copy, move or edit sentries after they have a name.

Oh- no, I wasn’t quoting anyone. I’ve started a new thing where I put thoughts I would have into the blockquotes. Like this:

Yeah, this is what I’m thinking.

Sorry for the confusion. :+1:

Oh gotcha :+1: thanks !

we use to forums to find ways around bugs the mods will not check bug posts

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You could just not change what the sentry looks like @Coffee

Screenshot 2024-02-06 6.32.38 AM
this is how i know