Animal sentry’s

Maybe gimkit should make animal sentries so pigs, cows, and chickens can be sentry’s that can run around like animals. I am making a open world gimkit, and I need animals as enemies to make it more realistic

Great idea! However, this place isn’t for game ideas. Also, the ideas tag is for people asking about ideas to put into their game. You can post ideas here

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You can also go to! Make sure to mark a solution!


you could put animal emojis over a normal sentry for now, be sure to mark a solution!


How do you put emojis over sentries

Use a text device. Put an emoji into the text and place it over the sentry. You may have to use the layer button if the text goes under the sentry.

An alternate solution is adding props or barriers (barrier device) to sentries to give it an illusion of being an animal

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