Amount of a item activates something

I want it to be, as soon as you make get 275 of (item) multiple sentries spawn around you and a notification saying. The police have arrived!

Use a checker to check when recieving on a channel. Add two different wire repeaters. One to startt repeating on game start then wire that to the other one and then have them broadcast the messaage on the channel for the checker. After that, wire the checker to the sentries to activate them and make sure they are not active on agem start. Finally, wire the checker to the notification and make it be sent. And done!

I don’t understand. Could you elaborate?

Use a lifecycle(Event: Game start) to be wired to a wire repeater like so: Event occurs β€”> … Then, wire that wire repeater to the other wire repeater that is wired to it. After that, wire both wire repeaters to the checker. The checker then will check if the player has the item amount. If so then wire it to all the sentries that will not be active on game start, but will activate when the check is true using the wire. Finally, wire the checker to the notification to send it if the check is true. And done!

This is called recursion.

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Or just wire a property to the checker.

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