Among us Trash Chute task

You could technically make it with only a blastball net, a blastball, and some props. What you would do is when the player starts the task, they get teleported there. Then, there would be a blastball that is say, green. Then you would make it so that when a player scores a goal, the ball doesn’t respawn. Then you would use props to make it look good, and you would be done!

What should the next thing i make be?

  • Multi-Player Free Chat
  • Minecraft
  • A whole actual short film with animation
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Nice guide (maybe make it longer, or show how to make a little obstacle course you have to guide the ball down to get to the trash shoot?)

You could improve this by adding more blastballs, but it will take up more memory.

Screenshot 2024-02-05 5.16.06 PM
Mega tie!