Among us problems

I’m trying to make an among us map. How do I make the following

  1. The role choosing
  2. The murder weapon

Please read these guides and look in the among-us tag.

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for the murder weapon u can use the tag zone or u can use weapons like zappers etc.

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I’d reccomend a one shot like a Quantum portal

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I would just set the health and shield to 1 so you can use something faster like the blaster

:warning: problem :warning: the imposter could just spam out and clear map

I used a lifecycle linked to a wire repeated and two item granters
to create a cooldown
yes they get the item back and no one else
event us when a player knocks out
event occurs > grant item
event occurs > repeat wire pulse > grant item

Try looking at this guide to help with the imposter’s weapon:

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