Ammo in Weapons

Hey, I was making a laser tag map, you spawn in with 3 ammo, (light shards) but no matter what I do, the zapper always spawns in with 18 shots


Interesting I don’t really know, I will test it out in my own map.

Wait how do you make it so a player spawns with a certain amount. I haven’t been on GKC for a decent bit)

There is a way to reduce that, go to you game settings, not the device settings. And then go to the “Items” section. Next scroll down until you read a bar labeled “Item Slots” and if you read the description its the amount of ammo that is allowed in one gadget, add 2 or 3 in that slot. I say that because gadgets come with one loaded slot and one in the mag, so it depends on the gadget you are using.

After recent research that is not that good I believe it will always start with one loaded round no matter what

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Yes, that is why I said to add 2 in that slot, unless its a QP.

2 in the amount of items allowed slot?


Yes that.

Look at Coral’s image, that is what I am talking about, and yes.

But that would not lower the amount of ammo, would it?

Coral made this post for reducing the ammo to 3, correct? It should lower the ammo, so if you put to you will have a 2 mag, and the first free round.


No, it is about how the gadget spawns in with a full round

Or at the start you could make a sentry that does not shoot at you but it has exactly the health you need to kill it but with three shots left so then whenever they enter wherever they fight they will have 3 ammo.

Well then it will need to be 3, but the first time the gadget is fired it will have one extra round. And that is unpreventable.

Oh okay…

Based on my knowledge you can’t have the ammo be varied at different times.

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Wait quick question, what is the setting for item decay on the ground

I think it is for a zone actually

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