Always make a control room

18 guides, most of which can be simplified into a single sentence

A lot of them are better suited to be put into one big post. Should we remove some tags from some posts and just make a resource post with them?

Nah, clicking on links is annoying. Let’s just make one post that we can give to new users that has all the info they need.

whoops replied to wrong post

Would quotes work? They won’t be that long anyway, since most guides can be compiled into a sentence as you said.

I feel like quotes, like resources pages, would look a bit messy.

Anyway someone should make a seperate post about this so we don’t off topic post here

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nice psa

This is a nice guide!

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I need to make something like this. Right now, most of my maps look like a knot of random devices and wires.

Lol, you should see my coming guide on card games, if I did not see this post, my wires would be a nightmare… I wouldn’t know if the player just played an Ace, or a 3…

You should see some of the systems I set up for my Pokémon map. I’m trying to fix it though.

Lol, Pokemon is one of the ones I can’t imagine how hard it is! Catching, encountouring, battling, 8 regions, switching Pokemon, Npc’s, Pokedex(es?).
Good Luck!


Great guide, and very useful!

Mostly been working on one region and yeah it’s been pretty hard. I figured out the incounters though, using tall grass and some triggers.

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Yeah the creator actually really helped a lot of people! Last semi-off topic post I will say is, some of these guides could help you! How to make turn-based combat
And Turn-based combat Extras
@WhereIsMyHat and @Coffee keep up the good work!

Great idea!

This is good, always nice to help organize.

this is nice, and once the map is finished, you can just change wires to channels!

The logistics alone to change all wires to channels…

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Yeah, but the way that its set up, everything seems to have its place, so you can create the channels before you delete the wires, because with wires you can control them from one device, and acess the other device from there as well.