Alternatives for med packs (SOLVED)

i need an different med pack so it doesn’t take inventory slots the system is done i just need a new item


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use a food item like the energy bar and use an overlay button (like in the image)

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it shouldn’t be an energy bar because it needs to give hp

so what exactly are you asking for because I’m somewhat confused on what you’re asking for :confused:


a healing item

there is no other healing item other than a med kit, just use that system for a food item instead, that’s how I’ve done it before

yes i know but what food/item

use an apple or banana or any food that could fit with the aesthetic of your map

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ok :slight_smile: i may just do them all cus its a modern/ future map

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Just use pseudo health. Then you can have an Overlay that says “Heal” and then it’ll add a specific amount of the item you choose to represent your health.

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friuits n veggies


you continue the list

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guys, I already (for the most part) solved this ;-;

does it have to be an item? if not, then i think u could use a button, a checker, and a health/shield granter, if u want them to have to be able to buy it, and then it doesn’t even have to use any item slot!

If you don’t want to take up inventory slots use an overlay, connect it to a heal through channels (not wires).

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