Also is there a dcvice that deletes a prop when commanded?

also is there a dcvice that deletes a prop when commanded

yeah theres a lot
example is button
button pressed-deactivate prop

i want a button to dissappar

You can make any device do that. Just wire it. Whatever the condition is —> Hide prop

wdym make a button to disappear
i guess you could make a button make a button deactivate
button pressed-deactivate button

i would like a pic please

there you go

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First take a screenshot of the ground tiles the button is placed on. Afterwards make a barrier, and set the barrier’s color to the color of the screenshot. Remove the outline and step Alpha to 0 or 1 or whichever is fully opaque. Put it over, and activate the barrier when you want the button to be hidden!

This is pretty simple, just:

When Button Pressed ----> Deactivate Prop ----> Prop Deactivated ----> Deactivate Button

If you don’t know what a wire repeater is, just search in devices.
This’ll make the button pressed, the prop disappear, and the button deactivated.