Alright. What if. Custom Gim skins

What if you could download a spritesheet and customize it, then upload it and maybe do some block coding, that way, you could have a custom Gim. (don’t mind the category I didn’t know what to put)

Yes this is a thing but it uses inspect elemeant. Cassy is a expert in it. He made a texture pack. @CassiusDoomlorde get over here.
Theres also videos on youtube about it. Look up, “Gimkit Gim inspect elemeant.”

Also welcome back.


Where do u find the spritesheet template?

it might be laggy bc like other people couldnt load that skin

Found the vid. Look in this. Its a full tutorial on this topic.


it is possible it doesn’t lag as it just changes the sprite I mean unless you made the sprites impossibly large I doubt it would lag however this change only shows to you not others

you can
use inspect element to find it
no coding required

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ive seen them before. but quick question for @CassiusDoomlorde is there a way to save texture packs?

(sorry, I had that reply going for awhile, I had school tho) ( I needed to finish smth)

Screenshot 2024-04-22 2.07.47 PM



Wait, what?! :astonished:

There will most likely never be a custom gim system, at least one where you get to upload any files, due to concerns over content and moderation issues. I could maybe, at most, see it happening with some thing where you have to pay a large sum of gimbucks to upload skins, but it would also to a degree lower the fun of the inbuilt shop so I doubt it would happen.

However, if you want to upload a custom gim and play with it, use the video magenta sent here. Keep in mind though that this will only show for you, no other players will be able to see your custom skin.


Yes. Once you’ve set a texture it will stay that way until either:

  • You change something (delete the override, etc)
  • Gimkit Team renames the file or updates something that changes which texture is being referenced.

You can also swap between texture packs by swapping the folder you’re using for overrides. For example, having one folder for a pen texture pack and having another for a rainbow texture pack, then setting your override folder to be the one you want.

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thank you! i cant wait to get my own computer so I can use that inspect element. :melting_face:

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:cry: (darn these computer restrictions)

I have been summoned!

yeah I pretty much did what’s in that video, but extreme.

what you do is you get all your edited files and their folder structure and compress them into a .zip for sharing.

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I have been thinking about that for a while. It could be every player gets 1 custom gim and they have disco bot make sure its approrite. but its just an idea

yeah you can edit the sprite sheets but I think somewhere someone said gkc doesn’t use spritesheets anymore

it’ll only show for you tho

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also, as has been said before, that would ruin the economy

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