ALMOST DONE!--- Two Last Questions!

Before publishing my Baldi’s Basics game, how do you end the game in these ways:

  • All players on Team 1 have successfully entered a zone.

  • Everyone on Team 1 is eliminated.

  • A player on Team 2 is killed.

Please help me with this. It’s almost done, guys.

**Using the game end device or block code. Please be specific…

Number 1: Use a counter
Number 2: please search
Number 3: Just use a lifecycle, wire repeater, and end game.

How would I use the counter?
How would I use the final three devices to end the game?

when player knocked out wire to repeater set to team 2 then to end game device

count the players on team 1, and set it to a property

count how many players enter the zone, then set that to a property

check to see if the properties are equal

What does this mean? (counting)
Do you suggest using a counter? I just want it that however many players are on Team 1 and not any specific number.

zone —> wire repeater set to team 1 —> counter increment

Alright. And what’s after this?

Make that counter connect to a property

Have a system that checks how many players are on team 1. Wire a game start lifecycle and a player joins late lifecycle to a wire repeater like from the previous step a relay set to all players on specific team. Have this relay wired to a different counter set to a different property.

now, have a trigger compare the values in blocks and check for them being equal

that’s most of it. note: this system assumes that no one can leave the zone. if they can, then have the first counter lower when they do.

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I have to take an exam. I will be afk for a while.

KO managers are less mem for knockouts.