All Blocks in Gimkit Creative (🤏 Mini-Guide)

we will learn about all the blocks.
_ means blank or space.

  • Broadcast message on channel
  • Set property value
  • Get property
  • Triggering player’s name
  • Add activity feed item for everyone
  • Add activity feed item for triggering player
  • Add activity feed item for game host
  • Triggering player’s team number
  • Triggering player’s score
  • Get score of team
  • Is a live game
  • Is an assignment
  • Second’s into game
  • If do
  • _ = _
  • _ and _
  • true/false
  • _
  • _ + _
  • Sim
  • _ is even
  • Round
  • Random integer from _ to _
  • “_”
  • Create text with
  • length of
  • Convert numbers to text (with commas)

Those are all the blocks those are not all options.


What about the device specific blocks

what do you mean i just did the ones I see

@Haiasi this is a mine-giude

There are some blocks for specific devices only, for example, orange devices that can send alerts have a block called “Set Text to _”

Nice blocks!


how do you recognize tags

and thanks worked hard

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@Haiasi why did you take off then put on mini giude

how do you recognize tags

Click the pencil icon next to the title.
Sorry, I didn’t know, I changed it back.

no like in replies
and it’s fine I made the first mini-guide

What do you mean recognize tags? If you mean typing them like bbsi (which is a real tag for some reason), you type # and they will show up.

Now let’s get back on-topic.

yes its what i mean thank you

why is this in devices?

Because it’s more of a list than a guide.

this is not a guide at all
what does it teach

it’s just a list

you say

yet you just list the blocks, and say nothing about them

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True. Also, there are already enough block guides. [which are not credited.]

But since this is 15 days old, it’s probably not worth bothering.