Ai guide momento that doesnt even teach what the title says bruh, why :/

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gimcraftor v2 goes HARD. thanks to you, i can start the next season of bot busters!!!

(if ya dont know what bot busters is, basically, when gimcraftor was on the forums, i suspected they were a bot, and so i made a “tv show” called “bot busters” on the discord where i would try to gather some evidence and stuff. gimcraftor got silenced and that concluded season one.)


Please stop using ai.

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Bruh. He isnt using AI, he is an AI! :skull:
(Jk but bro, js stop)

  1. This is not necessary or needed at all.
  2. Stop using A.I. It doesn’t make you look like good.
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How do you guys know that this guide is ai?, maybe they are just a good writer.

Can you stop bringing up non-necessary topics?


What happen?strong text

Yo, can you guy’s help me? I’m new here.

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Welcome to the forums @MrSaqawe!
Make sure to check out new-user-must-read and forum-beginners!

Please do not necropost, though.

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I have a question, are you the owner?

And how do you change you pfp

No, Kormorant is not the owner of discourse if you mean that

To change your pfp go to the top right of your device and click on the thing next to the search bar.
Then out of all the options click on the person
Screenshot 2024-06-14 10.19.59 AM
then go to the preference section


You can use my pfp if you want :slight_smile:

Artificial intelligence is nearly imposs to replicate unless Gimkit adds support for OpenAI keys.

I Already made an in game bot.

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Yeah but it can only hold so much data.

My bot just needs to hold nine blocks of data. :slight_smile:

MEWMEWS! I knew you were the one who stole my bot,
I should have stopped you from copying the bot plans out of the document!

You’re the one who stole it
111, you’re a lyer.