Agent of the Month

How do i make the Agent of the Month thing? There is another part, but i can’t describe it. Let me make this into an example:

There’s 2 whiteboards, and each of them is in a team’s base. A random teammate from Team 1 will become the agent of the month in the blackboard on Team 1’s AOFM. On Team 2, a random teammate from Team 2 will become the agent of the month in the blackboard on Team 2’s AOFM.

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Use The Text Device And Click Blocks

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Ask Someone For The Blocks Part

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Any experts who know block code? Like @wingwave , @Haiasi , etc…

What you’re going to need to do is have a lifecycle make a relay choose a random player. Then it sends a message to the text’s blocks, which creates text with the name.

Any questions?

I mean, i’m not talking about the normal version of the AOTM (sorry if i didn’t tell you) but yea, this version of the AOTM is what i’m talking about

Do the same thing that I said before, except with 2 of them and with the setting (in the relay) “random player on specific team.” Make sure 1 of them is for Team 1 and the other is for Team 2.

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No problem, always @ Here_to_help happy to help!

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