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Sooooooo… Here is a guide made by @lonewolf0230 , @LoneWolf , and @Legobuilder with a bit of credit to @Caternaught for making this wiki for us. It is about weapons in GC that almost anybody can make.



For this Grenade, we are going to need a barrel (tinted dark green), a basketball (also tinted dark green), a barrier prop (tinted golden yellow), and a alien plant.

Put the barrier on top of the barrel.
Screenshot 2024-03-06 9.05.54 AM
Put the basketball in the bottom left corner of the barrier.
Screenshot 2024-03-06 9.05.54 AM
Finally, put the alien plant behind it all, on a weird angle.
Screenshot 2024-03-06 9.05.49 AM
And you’re done!
By @lonewolf0230
(Sorry that took me so long. I had a lot of work at school)

Sniper Rifle

Adding Instructions soon sry im kinda busy at the moment by @LoneWolf

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I don’t see any (weapons, are we suppose to add weapon types or will you?)

I think its a wip I added the tag

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WIP? it stands for work in progress

ok, thanks, yeah it lookes like one

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I won’t ruin you fun, though. I hope to see this finished!
Added art because it’s supposed to go there.

Yeah, forgot to add wip, sorry

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Sure! i need a link tho

I wonder how you make a grenade… :thinking:

I can make one if you need it.

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can we make it not just weapons and just prop art in general?

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