After the season

After the season changes, your level turns into 0 right? well does it take away my gimcoins too? after the season changes.

  1. this is off topic; please refrain from making posts like these from the future
  2. I’m pretty sure you keep gimbucks

wdym by off topic???

It ain’t about gimkit creative. That’s as simple as I can say it.

this is the GKC forums.
GKC stands for Gimkit Creative.
this isn’t related to gkc. and don’t event start on saying that you need to know for paying to publish a map :melting_face:

then is there any forum for things like this?

there is the wix groupchat…
Codes & Gimkit Games - Code Sharing | Gimkit Creative

its blocked. I’m student and I’m using chromebook. well still thanks for this. :slight_smile:

wix is blocked for me but mark a solution and nobody comment so that it will close

click the checkbox @HANSY1 on the post that solved the topic.
the resolved tag should only be used for art topics since there is no solution button yet.
there are also chat padlets, but I’m not in any of them…

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You keep your gimbucks.

Yes, you keep you Gimbucks

Oops, should have read the above post :laughing:

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how to get gimbuks? and what can I use them on?

this topic is solved so no one reply after this.
you can get them by earning exp through gimkit game modes or answering questions in gkc with non spam kits. you use them on publishing maps and buying cosmetics