Advertisement - Don't Reply

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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You cannot post things with codes, this is self advertisement, this needs to be flagged and or taken down please, and thank you.



Oh well ok but thanks :cry:

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First of all, You don’t need to be so “bold” about it. Second, you don’t need the Deku after that since your username literally shows. Also, You can just flag it and leave it. There is no need to reply if you think something is wrong


First of all, school is a thing.
Second of all, HE CAN DO THAT IF HE WANTS!

This is self advertisement and creates clutter. This is not necessary in the community.

@Addisyn, writing your username at the end of your sentence is not needed lol.


What does that mean?

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He has school he could be busy

But how is that relevant to the current topic?


She said it… not me


I’m not the topic creator

I don’t think it was to the topic lol

check ur email

first off you did NOT AT ALL need to be like that especially when the person is new here this is the biggest problem I see with the forums its that people just drive away new people by being rude when they do something like this, I’m new here myself and I’m glad people were nice with me when I did somethings wrong, and like everyone else here said you don’t need to put your name at the end of the message since every post shows your name and finally just flag and leave, you do not need to be like this to ANYONE doesn’t matter if they are new or not this is just flat out rude. I cant believe a wrote an entire paragraph over this message :skull:

Stop replying to this topic lol

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also if you went @French_Oliver365 you can just edit out the title! then it wouldn’t be advertising as far as I’m aware (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)!

The advertising is the bit at the end.
Where they say

plus the title yeah.
We should probably leave this now.
@French_Oliver365 can you change the title and the end part as advertising isnt allowed?

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I’m pretty sure you can change it

They aren’t even the same sentences. We said different things and the only one that we both said was “this is advertisement.” Stop posting on this topic for no reason and let it rest.

Follow directions yourself.

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no it wouldn’t because he included the name of the game at the end and told the viewer to play it

seems kind of hypocritical because 2 other people said the same exact thing

I apologize for the way I came after you, you did nothing wrong, I do appologize, i was in a mood.
Please do accept my appology for the outrageous behavior.
Thank you!