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if there is any suggestions or errors in my game post here so i can fix it dont forget to play! to play click on my profile and link should be there. thank yall!

Um, I’m not sure if you can promote your game like this. It is likely to get flagged. I understand you are making sure there are no problems with it, but maybe the forum isn’t the right place to share links. You can use the WIX game-sharing website, and ask for issues there, but the forum isn’t the place.

Um, isn’t this showcasing your game? It’s not really a question. If you have a question on your game, sure. But just promoting your game like this isn’t allowed (what @California_Love said).

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but im banneed from the wix

I’m sorry, but it is still not allowed on the forum.

Still, it’s not an excuse to break the rules promote your topic.

If you could, maybe test out the game yourself and if you see any mistakes or issues, you could ask us how to fix them. Without links or anything. If you can’t, I’m sorry, and there’s nothing we can do to help.

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okey dokey

This isn’t really a help topic, but instead a topic which may be advertising your game…

yes this off topic you know

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