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Sorry but even if you need some feedback, this is advertising your game. Sorry!


You can’t, since it already has replies. But you can just make this topic to (Deleted Post - Topic ID: 29529) and move it to Devices .


ok but then how will i get advice on my map. Also is there a specific rule which says I can;t do this? sorry just being inquisitive here. also is bad if I name my map something similar to another persons map? also everytime I update my map is brought up to recently published?

I changed the title

There probably is.

You could ask some feedback in @Blizzy 's padlet (click on their username) and press their website link. Or you could go to @CringeKarlScott’s wixsite (click on their username) and press their website link.

yeah, but those are blocked for me… could u possibly test my map and send feedback. Then I can just delete all my replies on here

no, stop trying to break the rules. rules are there for a reason, please mark a solution to close this.

no advertisement.

actually, i just read through the guidelines there is no rule which says I cannot do this. Also I wasn’t trying to break the rules I was just tryna get some feedback

There may be not, but it’s still not allowed.

Advertising is basically like sending the code to your game. It causes clutter, and people who actually need help are left behind.

Actually stop replying before I flag you.

sorry… all i wanted was to make sure my map was good and all the testing websites are blocked on my computer

blizzy’s padlet is private
it’s for the members of their cul- i mean, um, group