Advanced update order question

In what order do blocks, channels, and wires update?

They update on which is triggered first.

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Actually, I should probably just go test this myself.

Didn’t I just give you the answer? Wires, channels, and blocks don’t update faster than each other in a specific order. Instead, it depends on which is triggered first.

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What if they are all triggered at the same time is my question.

I think I figured it out.
The order is:

  1. wires
  2. channels
  3. blocks

which one was wired first?

that’s the question. Then depending who got wired first is what happens.

So if I make the blocks, set the channel, then wire a trigger to something, and it is triggered, it will go in that order?


Lets say there’s three triggers, Whatever you wire first, will perform the action first. So on and so forth with the next two.

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Screenshot 2024-04-16 4.45.44 PM

Okay. So, when I step on the bottom trigger, it broadcasts on channel X.
All three other triggers trigger when recieving on channel X.
The left trigger broadcasts on channel Y in a block. The middle trigger connects to the output with a wire. The right trigger broadcasts on channel Y when triggered.
The triggers were placed from left to right, and their mechanism for connecting to the output was made from left to right.
The output receives on channel Y.
In what order does the output recieve signals?

the order you made them it’s not rocket science

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@some_kid Don’t mark me as the solution, Wingwave literally gave you it first lol


He said triggered, not placed though.

it’s triggered. Not placed.

sure, you place it first. But what triggered first? What did you put into the channel first? (I’m pretty sure)

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