Additional information about the Gimkit Awards!

I’m sry I’m gonna give you credit i should’ve done it earlier

you just have a competitor >:)

uhhh excuse me, what??
what’s a in between???

@Trasch, @Unstable is trying to be inclusive to the many new genders that there are in the world so that the event fairly includes everyone.

good luck bro
glad I have good competition

I just got out…
Accidentally deleted a map


i’ll delete my canva if you want, sry for my incompetence

thank you. it’s fine, we all make mistakes (I’ve made my own fair share).
I started raging a bit
you don’t have to, just change the format?

that i sure can do :slight_smile:

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but it’ll have to wait for now, its the weekend and i need rest =-=

have a good day :slight_smile:


Trans people, sometimes. It’s not that difficult mate.

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i hate this sentence but yeah something like that


Yes, I’ll admit I worded that strangely. My bad. :laughing:

This is a really cool idea you guys have. Good luck, also, I believe I speak for a few people who are not running for something. Can we still vote if we don’t run @Unstable ?
May the odds be ever in your favor.

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It makes sense as yes, since a voting system wouldn’t really work if only the runners vote…

Thank you, Effie Trinket.


You are quite welcome.

Thank you very much.

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Yes, you can vote even if you aren’t trying to win.

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