Add answer questions blue button but it grant health instead

I need to add one of the blue buttons like this
But if you click it will give you health without answering questions

A broadcast that triggers a health granter maybe?

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rookie wiring mistake.
you don’t wire the health granter to the overlay
you wire it to the questioner [answered correctly= grant health]
and wire the overlay to the questioner

Make it a game overlay and have it do a health granter… idk… Me try to help?

make it so the button opens a questioner and the quetioner then gives the health
what Blackfox45666 said you probally used wrong wireing

oh wait oof I didn’t read it right XD

guy he wants it w/out answering questions

overlay (button, pressed) → health granted (grant health

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That’s what I already said XD



Get an overlay


Go inside the overlay and make sure the overlay setting is set to button and not text


Get a health granter and link them. Overlay to Health granter

@Ibrahim_4414 mark a solution if any of these work, ty

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