Activity Feed Problems

Basically, for some reason, I’m tryna do activity feed for my chat system, but the activity feed won’t appear. I thought I did something wrong, so I did my own homemade experiment

Composing of a button and trigger, I made it add activity feed and make it say Test. I go in game, and it doesn’t work at all. Any reason why it wouldn’t work anyone?

the activity feed only shows if you have a large monitor or a similar setting

on many screens there’s not enough room

explains the screen for my tiny Chromebook screen :frowning:

was planning to make something like a Roblox chat. But oh well. Notifications should do.

Good news! :smile: You can fix this by simply zooming out!


Personally i modified it to store the messages and update them in a text overlay

wait how? and wym?


OHHH control +shift±

Alright. Thanks. I’m gonna plan to keep notifications.

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You can hit ctrl and - at the same time to zoom out. The reason this works is Gimkit removes the activity feed when the ui size is too big, so that it doesn’t take up too much space on your screen. So, when you zoom out on your browser, the UI shrinks, and gimkit displays it just like it would on a large screen.


ayo how come were both doing the same thing and had the same problem! and posted a help about it!

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