Account Missing Gims, Kits, and Levels

My account was wiped and everything was reset. I can no longer see the kits and gims I earned and I lost all my levels. Is this a known bug? How can I get them back?

this is for gimkit creative things only, message, mark this as a solution to close the post

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You could contact or to help you recover your account.
If you still know your gmail adress associated with your account you can reset your password.


Welcome to the forum, @Jade! Please mark the best solution.

Welcome to the forum, @Jade! This is off-topic, but as @Haiasi and @potato1 said, please contact or for any glitches/bugs not related to gkc.


Wanna know? Go to

I mean, its kind of on topic. His maps were erased, meaning all his stuff in gkc is gone

This is 100% on topic, and he should email Gimkit, don’t email josh, he is busy, and should not be bothered with things the other employees of gimkit could handle.

I agree that this topic is allowed and on-topic with the forum. It is related to Gimkit. Gimkit Creative is a branch of Gimkit. Therefore, it should not be flagged.