Accidentally deleted a map

its gone ABCD, once a map is deleted gimkit no longer saves it. Because imaging the number of maps that would have to be saved its to much. Im sorry.


theres no way that you can get that map again, but you can make one similar if you know what was inside the map

but when I tried to make it again boy oh boy I did not remeber when I put stuff.


thats why you have screen shots

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ik but I didn’t know that I would accidently delete it

well then dont cry over spilled milk

just pour a new glass(remake the map just better than before.)


and next time dont spill the milk

That map is gone forever (that means a long time) :headstone:

its lost in outer internet space forever

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I accidently deleted it but I didn’t really care about it so I didn’t even really try to make it again half way through I deleted it

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