Accidental Pre-Guide Post

Enter passcode


First a button is needed

Next place a counter and set it to:

Next you place a property and set it to:

Next place a another button and put this:

Next place a trigger and set it to these:

Now make more buttons and properties and counters until you have what you want

I have

  1. RED
  2. BLUE

Now you edit the triggers and lets say you want your passcode to be 315
you would do this


go to 1-2 is an example you could make( go to 1-2) teleport you , buy an item, then make it end game or what ever you want

Try and explain how you built this, as it is just one image, and it will get flagged

accidental post again?

Hello. All guides need explanation. Thanks.

Is this a real guide?



I moved this to devices please mark a solution

Why? I’m almost finished it will become a real guide anyways

isnt there like 2-3 guides on this? :thinking: :thinking:

it should stay in drafts until it is a guide
and like @Blackfox45666 there are already guides on this

Well I didn’t look at any of them how was I supposed to know anyways? :sleeping:

you should search before you post please mark a solution

Example message for solution needed

Nvm im dumb

i suggest that you next time look up guides to see if there are any others like it so you don’t have this same issue.

Okay guys Please stop. !!! This is gonna delay until the next millennium

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