Abstraction Upon Abstraction

This is a guide (and more of a comment on GKC). So what is abstraction? The concept of abstraction is… abstract. It basically means switching from physical systems that you can touch or see to things that you can’t touch and see. Abstraction usually has much more benefits than physical systems (its also easier to say). Here’s a few examples of this:

Wires vs. Channels

So here’s the most prevalent example of this: the debate about wires and channels. Wires are less abstract; you can see and touch them. They’re easier to think about. But they come at a cost. They take memory. In large maps, they can take up at least 2% of your memory! That’s an entire store! Channels simplify this, at the cost of abstracting the map more.

Checking If an Event Has Occurred

Now, the opportunity for abstraction is much more subtler here. Most people, notably ClicClac, use items to track this. Basically, at a certain time, you need to check if the player has done something. You can use items, but lets abstract this more. We need something that does it when the event has occurred. Triggers can do this! If the event occurs, then we activate it. If it doesn’t, we don’t. It’ll start inactive. If you want to check if it hasn’t happened, then just make the trigger active on game start and deactivate on the event’s channel.

Again, this is a case of abstraction. You put the less abstract way in the item, something you can see and touch. But you can’t see and touch trigger activation states. And again, the more abstract method takes less memory.


My Final Word

This will probably be my last guide. I’ll send all my guides to devices (maybe exception of this and voting) and change the titles to deleted post when I leave (probably not soon). I’ll check in every few days to keep regular if I decide to come back though.

Why am I leaving? Its because everything, and I mean everything from now on requires a ton of math.

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Cool Guide!

Nice guide! Can’t wait for it to be done!

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Aw, man. You’re leaving too?

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I feel like all of Gimkit’s greatest minds are slowly migrating away from the forums. Soon its just gonna be a couple people left…


I’ll definitely be in the discord. I might stay here for a month. It won’t be a complete withdrawal though. I’ll come back every few days to keep regular.


Don’t leave. We need great minds like you to keep the forums alive. Everything won’t heavily rely on mathematics and theories, especially once the platformer releases into Creative.


That’s the problem. If you get too smart, the only way forward is a bunch of tedious math like text operations, and I’m not spending all my time on that. I won’t leave permanently like mysz did though. I’ll reduce my activity to hibernation mode (keeping regular) so that when I come back in the summer, it’ll be like nothing happened.


Once the platformer mode gets added into Creative, there will be an influx of new users needing help and a lot of new things to discover. We need people like you to help pioneer the forums (and Gimkit) into a new era.


I’ll be leaving in a few weeks. Lets stop off-topic posting now.


Oh really? I thought there was a past 50 day requirement.

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Wow, this is really cool! Can you make this a wiki post? I feel like this guide is the type of guide that will become an entire research project (in a good way).


i should prolly leave entirely too, ive been meaning to

I thought mysz left until August 1st from his bio.

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Sure. Is the guide going to be finished?

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He didn’t permanently leave, he just wanted to get suspended so he couldn’t get back on, even if he wanted to. Then, he can finally take a break from his regular time-consuming forum routine.

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Its not really harming anything if there’s a creative-related conversation happening over it though.

And I think so, crisis.

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