[About Gimkit itself] Read Reply below (Need to know before school ends)

I want to know how to log in/sign in to Gimkit with just a Email address

what you do is this go to gimkit then click sign in then click sign in with google then put you’re email and password

I know, The thing is, i won’t have this computer with my school google account. So that is why i asked that question. So how do i sign into gimkit on a different device without password but with email

do the same thing on that device like what I did

You need a password and email…

but use youre google acount password

that you use for your school account

Oh… Lemme try that


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let me know if it works(:smiley:

It doesn’t give an option for a password…

If you sign in with email, there’s a verification code thingy I’m pretty sure, which you use. But temp mail is scary because you could lose it and your account really easily if you make a mistake. I’d say it’s not worth the risk.

ecactly do what i said

Just don’t log out.

Well then you can’t clear your cache or cookies or your browsing much anymore after that, and you’re probably going to log out one day…

do the steps i mentioned using your school email then using you school password login

2 things:

  1. Post your temp-mail in a notepad.
  2. If you’re going to erase your broswing data, cookies, etc… then copy the email in your clipboard (Ctrl + C) and then you could log back in.

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