A [Somewhat] New Map!

I have made a new* Gimkit Map! It is titled “The Backrooms” (sounds familiar?) It is a co-op game where you find the **generator to unlock the exit! Otherwise, you can’t escape! More on the map, I used almost the limit on the wall terrain :face_with_diagonal_mouth:, and like the real Backrooms there are entities, so I was thinking that 1 or MAYBE 2 players would be slower than the others, would spawn with a weapon that has a kind of short range, could instantly :dizzy_face: other players, and that player would be randomly chosen. Dubbed, the entity/seeker. So if you have any ideas how to do this please comment/reply how. Happy days!

(not that new)
(Im thinking about adding 1 or 2 more)

Now I’m not spoiling any more of the maze by posting more pictures. :wink:


Nice ideas! You may not want to post this here, as it may be considered off-topic. Maybe post this on the wix! Another thing you may want to do is hide the codes in your screenshots, because someone may try to get onto your game.


They were asking for ideas on how to make the Backrooms, but just added a lot of info on their map.


You could have a random player-picker be given a quantinum portal and have a zone wired to a speed modifier affect them? You may also want to change the player health to a lower number so they can get instant K.O.s?


Thank y’all for the help

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No problem! We’re all happy to help! Remember to mark a solution to avoid clutter!

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woah, is that copyright i see?

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hello there. I have made a backrooms map just like you did. Make sure to add level one and level fun. I will send some photos of my map.

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