~~ A Simplified Guide to a Dungeon Crawler ~~ Part 1 - 🟩 (2/10)

Please note that this guide is still in development. It will be edited, expanded on, fixed, an made easier to understand.

I found it hard to find a simple guide to a creating a dungeon crawler. Alot of it contained coding and various other things I am not skilled enough to do yet. So that is why I created:

A Simplified Guide to a Dungeon Crawler (By @harharharhar83)

It is going to split into several parts:
- - - - (Before You Start) - - - - :green_square: (2/10)

1. Memory

Difficulty Level: :green_square: (2/10)
One important thing to keep in mind while creating your Gimkit creative is memory. You only have so much of it. Usually, you cannot see your memory however, there is a way to enable a bar at the top of your screen that shows your memory percent used. For more information on conserving memory refer to Part 2 (not out yet)
To Activate Memory Bar:

  1. Click the gear on the bottom left corner of your screen.
  2. Click Editing Options (the second option down)
  3. Scroll down until you see Memory Bar (the last option)
  4. Set it to On
  5. Now you have a Memory Bar!


2. Theme

Difficulty Level: n/a
Every game (in my opinion) needs a theme. This theme can literally be anything. A theme decides how your game will be decorated. In this guide I have chosen an lab experiment gone wrong theme. In the past I have done an infested space theme (similar to One Way Out) and a snowy robot-controlled theme.


3. Storyline (Optional)

Difficulty Level: n/a
The final thing that it needs is a storyline. This is optional however it adds a flavor to your game. In my example you can find various lab reports explaining the experiment and finally how it went wrong. It can allow players to find secrets which hooks players.


- - - - (Basics) - - - -

4. Title Screen (Lobby & Tutorial)

The Lobby
The Lobby is an important place where the player will wait while everybody joins. I would recommend to not have to many devices in this area, as players should usually not be able to see this. The first thing you should do is set the mood with terrain. For my lab I used Lab Floor (White). Make sure that this is set to floor. You don’t want your players to be trapped in your flooring as if it was a wall.

Next you want to add a wall otherwise you might be allowing your players to run amok. You want your wall to be set on 4 - Upper otherwise it might look a little wonky.
Make you lobby as big as you would like it. Next you should put the name of your game in big. It should stretch from one end of the lobby to another. Mine is called Seeds of Evil.

:sparkles: –New Device: Text–
Using the text device is as simple as using Word/Google Docs. Just type in what you want and adjust the color, font, and size as you wish. Another device necessary is the spawn pad.
:sparkles: –New Device: Spawn Pad–
This is where players can spawn as they load in and when the game starts. Also, if they die, they will respawn here. Since this is the lobby where only players will wait you must click on the Spawn Pad to modify and set Allowed Player Type and set it to Players.

Now use props that fit the theme of your game to decorate around the Lobby.

Tutorial Room
The Tutorial Room should be branched separate from The Lobby and should players a basic idea for what the game is about and the controls. You should use Signs (found in props) to put text on top of. To create a separate room that can still be access by the Lobby you should use a teleporter.
:sparkles: –New Device: Teleporter–
Using teleporter is quite simple once you understand them. The two most important parts in a teleporter is the Group and the Target Group.

Until you begin to put multiple teleporters in one group the easiest way to think about it is as Name and Target Name. In this situation I named this teleporter "Lobby" (Hint, hint! It’s because it is in the Lobby). The Target Name will be “Tutorial” because it will teleport you to the tutorial room.

Next you will go and create the Tutorial Room. It must fit the same theme as the Lobby did. Here’s my example:

To connect the teleporter in the Lobby to the Tutorial Room follow these steps:
1. Place a Teleporter in the Tutorial Room
2. Set the Group (Name) to “Tutorial” since this is the tutorial room
3. Set the Target Group (Target Name) to “Lobby” since this will teleport back to the lobby

4. Label both Teleporters with the text device. Label the Teleporter in the lobby “To Tutorial Room”. Label the Teleporter in the tutorial room “To Lobby”

Now we must add the most important part of the Tutorial Room. The Tutorial! First choose the sign that would fit your theme. I chose Marble. Now use the text device to write out the tutorial. After that follow these steps, so the text can be on top of the sign instead of under it:
1. Select Layers (It’s the 3 squares on top of each other in the top left corner)
2. You will see a lot of stuff (it might be kind of overwhelming), hover over all the options until your text is outlined in red. Click the up arrow until you move the text option over the Marble Sign option. If it doesn’t allow the text to be moved higher, move the Marble Sign below the text. Be careful though. You don’t move the text onto the Above section and don’t move the Mable Sign to the Below section. They must stay in the Primary section. (Any text not on signs must stay on the Below section)
3. Now your text is on your signs.
Now you can do that for all your text devices to put them on top of the sign. My finished Tutorial Room looks like this:


5. Host Screen (Starting the Game & Behind the Scenes)

Coming Soon

- - - - (Starting Out) - - - -

5. The First Room (Decoration & Basic Bots)

Coming Soon

6. Expanding Out (Adding More Rooms & Branching Off)

Coming Soon

7. Merchants (Fair Pricing & Designing Shops)

Coming Soon

8. Weapons (A Guide to Weapons; Creds to @JoeTheChicken )

Coming Soon

Thanks to @WhoAmI for the tip (I would have never been able to finish this otherwise!)
Also, thanks to @speedy_kd4 and @Illumerix for the support!

Update Log:

  • 12/12/23 - Original Version Released including Before You Start completed
  • 12/12/23 - Thanks to @WhoAmI’s advice I have finished The Lobby in Basics - Title Screen
  • 12/13/23 - Finished 1/2 of Basic guide

@harharharhar83 Welcome to the forum! Nice guide. Waiting for the updates to this guide

welcome to the forums @harharharhar83! i cant wait to see this guide finished! :]

Be sure to finish it quickly, as a basic user, you have a smaller window of time to edit it!

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@speedy_kd4 @WhoAmI @Illumerix @The_7th_Dragon
As @WhoAmI predicted I ran out of time to edited it. The Starting Out will be continued in part 2 of this guide!


Well, that’s okay!

@harharharhar83 Just to let you know, this should be a higher rating considering the amount of text to read, try bumping it up to a 3 or 4

Hey guys! Uh, I haven’t really been active lately however is because I have been working really hard on my Dungeon Crawler Guide!
I am about 64% done with it. I will post in by the end of the month I promise!

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Nice job! Can’t wait to see the finished guide!

add medieval theme to it

um the editing time ran out…

I already have a main theme going on in the guide already however, I can make a decoration guide for tips on decorating different types of dungeons.