A Quick and Easy-to-fix error in Among Us Team Choosing | Difficulty: 🟩

Have you ever tried to make Among Us? If you have, have you used popups to tell the player that they are either Crewmate or Imposter? Have you had an error when you made both the popups and the team choosers at the same time? I have. It shows you the popup before changing teams. If you have this error, I will explain the way of solving this below:

First, do all your team chooser stuff. Mine contains a Lifecycle, a Relay, and a Team Switcher. My Popup section contains two Relays and two Popups. This is the easiest way to choose and broadcast teams.

Team Choosing(Optional Use)

This is just for if you haven’t done the Team Choosing yet. Wire the Lifecycle to the Relay, settings Event occurred → Trigger Relay. Wire the Relay to the Team Switcher, settings Relay Trigger → Switch player to Configured Team. The settings of the Relay should be: Audience: Random Player. That is basically all you need to edit. For the Team Switcher, just set the Team you are switching the player to as Team 2, as they will be the imposter.

Popups(Optional Use)

Place two Popups and two Relays. One Popup a message that tells a player they are the Imposter, the other telling the rest that they are a Crewmate. One of the Relays will have their Audience Team 1, and the other set the Audience to Team 2. Wire the Lifecycle from before to both of the Relays. Wire the Team 1 Relay to the Crewmate popup. Wire the Team 2 Relay to the Imposter popup. Both wires have these settings: Relay Trigger, Show popup.

Solving the Error

The Error, as I stated before, is that it shows the popup before Changing teams. Two ways of solving this:

  1. Using a Wire Repeater with a delay of 1 second, wiring the lifecycle to this instead, then wiring the Wire Repeater to the Relays.
  2. Making the Team Switcher before the Popups, though I don’t know how this works.

That’s it! Have a great time with Gimkit!

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Nice Guide!

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Nice guide!

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Nice and easy for beginners doing among us!

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@Anythinger did you add my Weapons guide to the Resources page? I didn’t see it.(For Among Us)

Sorry, I wasn’t online for the last two days. That page is a wiki post, so anyone can add their guides.

Oh, ok, thanks

A lot of people are voting 10/10. I’m very surprised.


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I just misspelled bump once and now its trademark :grin: