A poets guide to flags

Hello! You may recognize me from my profile pic! I am the mighty poet, @VWOOM and I will be explaining what a flag is, and how to use and not use it.


What is a flag?

A flag is a button for Trust level two or above that serves as the standard report button. This button can be used for, off topic posts, inappropriate posts, spam, advertising or other things that are specific, those require written responses. To use a flag is a heavy burden do not abuse it, also try not to get flagged yourself. That concludes, What is a flag?

How do you avoid getting flagged?

To avoid getting flagged, stay on topic and stay appropriate, also do not advertise games, put codes for Gimkit or even, Gulp be toxic. It sounds hard but it is not, if you are an upstanding citizen on the forums. So being good should not be that hard for most


How bad can a flag be?

Pretty bad, flags can close entire topics for a very long time, or even get you banned or suspended. Don’t be the reason that some one cannot reply to important info on a topic, because it got closed. And if you get banned, be wary, it may not last forever but it sure can happen again.

How do you misuse a flag?

To misuse a flag is no laughing matter. This can cause unnecessary consequences for people who don’t deserve them, also, misuse of a flag can get YOU banned. Yes YOU, this is possible because of a thing called flag abuse. Flag abuse is when you use all your flags, every day, just to get someone you don’t like banned.



So, in conclusion, the flag is a fickle thing, a being of power to break reality, and to save it, so if you are about to use a flag think, “Is this a good idea?” and “Would that be bad if I flagged it?”. The answer, is whatever you think is best. Think before you click, thank you.

  1. this type of stuff isn’t allowed now (jeffo said it cluttered up the forums a lot)
  2. informational is unused
  3. nice guide tho
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Seriously. Why every time I do something, it is wrong. Do I have to delete it?

yes you do

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Be focused on GKC not forum guides

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So I do have to delete this?

There are replies on this topic, so you can’t delete it. Just mark a post as the solution and rename the title to [off topic, do not relply]

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