A Player Selector help (getrithekd voting v2)

Like this?


Does it work?

No, it didn’t work.

Oh I know why… Make a relay for all players that receives on “Relay Check If Go Time” and broadcasts on “Check If Go Time”. Make the block broadcast on “Relay Check If Go Time” instead.

I made a topic on how to do this…
How to reply/talk to sentry - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

almost how to do it

What does the original post say and what does your guide say?

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Well…Look in it…


Uhhhhhhhh. This is about an among us voting system. Yours is talking to a sentry

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I know but it shows how to connect the channels.
You can click a button then add all the popup stuff

Have you read my guide to see if your guide can help?

This is what i mean @getrithekd

This is what getrithekd’s looks like:

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WAAYYY to complicated!

So I need to go now. Can you try this?

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I know I should put my own topic on this, but I need help.
How do you make it so a player clicks a button then they become a spectator?

Use the team switcher device.

It didn’t work. Sorry for being such a bother with this :confused:

I need help…