A non spectating system (read this)

I want to improve my latest map called Dig It Geo, It’s related to Dig It Up but not a platformer, You have to dig and get boosters to get better and there is not end to it so anyway I want help for a system that when you are attached it teleports you to an area and you are not able to play and you can’t spectate, Let me know if you need more info.

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Welcome to the forums! Lemme work it out.

Welcome to the forms make sure to read the FAQ

Thanks and I’ll wait

Lifecycle → teleporter
When player knocked out teleport player here

Wait nevermind mb read the post wrong try overlay->teleporter

Make sure overlay is button
and do when overlay pressed->teleport player

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Thank you and I will

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It could be needing to fulfill a different condition.

I’ll try and let you know

What do you mean by that?

Works like a charm! Thanks.

*attacked lol a typo

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