A No weapon sentry

How do you remove the weapon from the sentry?

Put it in a zone, then disable weapon firing in that zone.

We want the weapon to disappear. Like no firing, no weapon at all

I don’t have access to Gimkit right now, but my guess is that there’s an option in the sentries.

I can’t find the option if there is an option.

I think its zone, and then item granter with -1 of the weapon.
Though this might not work anymore.
Sentries and zones are weird together

It doesn’t work that is what we tried previously, and no luck.

The best way to do it is give it a zapper then get a bucket prop make it small and put it in the middle of the sentry

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you can’t since sentry interactions were removed, but this specific thing may come back later

maybe try giving it a common pickaxe? i dont know if that works but since pickaxes do 1 dmg and may not work with sentries that might be your best option

There isn’t an option, you can just make it on your team

No matter what it will always show… but maybe there is an update I am unaware of.

You’re right. It will show.

Just make a barrier and make it invisible and put it on the sentry. This will not remove the blaster art.

Why did they remove them anyways?

it was never intended



NPCs aren’t currently a possibility in gimkit. We can only hope that the next big update brings them back.


I don’t think that works anymore. I’m pretty sure they removed sentry interactions, but I can go check again. Maybe they fixed that? If so I would be really really happy.

Yeah, it doesn’t. I forgot.
It would be so nice for boss battles, being able to teleport sentries.