A new meta weapon has arrived: A guide to legendary weapon damage

R.I.P @Dodge_Fox :pensive:

The weapon doesn’t affect that. It is some type of knock back device, its just coincidentally that they use it for the game.

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It’s best if you don’t reply to him anymore.

ok, well I am experienced in forum rules though

blaster does so little damage though…
without damage modifier

yeah, but it’s really faster then other weapons.

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I don’t understand why the Quantum is so high on other rankings. It does good damage, but other than that, it honestly sucks.

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Well that rules out giving ANYONE in my game melee

except that melee is bad because you need your opponent to be 5 nanometers from your face to be able to do a one-shot. even the quantum portal can one-shot without having to be right next to you

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Melee honestly sucks, because like you said, you need your opponent to be 5 nanometers, and by then they would have already shot you.

One time i one-shotted my friend with a pickaxe lol

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Welcome to the forums, @BellaIscool.com!

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Wait what happened to dogefox?

They got banned by the mods. Their school emailed the mods to get them kicked out.

awwww they were my friend. i haven’t seen them in any games lately.

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I know, Dodge_Fox was one of my favorite users.