A Medieval RPG game Help

I want to make a game but I want to ask you guys if it is possible.
I was thinking of having a player fight plant monsters and find the history of a long-gone kingdom.
My only problem is that I already have 35% percent memory after only 3 of my levels. What should I do?
Do you think I should quit the map or keep on going.

I think you should keep going, just look at your previous levels and remove anything not ever seen or not important to save memory. You also could just make your whole project smaller, as in less levels.

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how many levels are you building @Bobthebuilder123?

I think you should maybe just have fewer levels and maybe get rid of some stuff that is not super important. Plus I think over 5 levels is a LOT. But that is just my opinion.

but how much levels are you planning to do cuz me personally a guide on how to make a map with almost no extra memory is…

1.make a map add props and add walls to outline
2.make all the sentry’s weak and every level +100 to strength,more fast aim
3.make boss attacks use different guides to help you
4.finally make a buttoon that shows props to make a kingdom