A Great Place for A Lobby

Any ideas for Lobbies? Also, not about lobbies but where can I put the lobby things. In the game, people can often walk up to it and see it. Camera view isn’t working, unless there is a way I aren’t applying to. Please help me!

Ok so here is what you do. First, place down a spawn pad in the center of your map (this is temporary). Then, use 3x speed and go reallyyy far out. Then, build a normal lobby (I reccomend a teleporter back to the start of the game). Start the game, and you will now have a lobby!

So, teleporter back to game so I don’t get lost?

Also, thanks! I might need it. I’ll go reallly far!

Yes. The teleporter makes it so you can spawn in the lobby, but you can still get to the normal game.

Okay, thanks!

Heehee, I reached the end of the map…

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