A game doesn't appear in discovery

I searched up my game after it’s no longer in the new releases slide, but my game isn’t appearing.
If it’s really not there, then that was a waste of 1000 gimbucks.

  • check the map to see if it got unpublished
  • remember, the search engine only searches by description

new ones don’t pop usually except new releases

Also check the discovery for your map and try waiting a quarter hour

Email hello@gimkit.com if your map didn’t get published (but it did I sawa yours)
Remember, when you search, search up words in your description

I have question once you publish a map can u edit it still and will it be up to date in discovery?

Yep. As long as you save changes in the publish options.

I know, but when i search it up, it wasn’t there.
I put the title also in the description.

Also I have another question when you buy gimkit season pass do all 25 maps stay in GKC

@FersionSpeedy Whats the name. Ill try and see if it works for me.

The issue may be on your end.

I don’t really want to share it since people may come here and say “HEY!! THAT IS ADVERITSING!! OMG NONONOOOOOOOOOO”