A few things the new "Stadium Ad Base" prop Can look like + how to make them [0/10]

sweet guide. :smiley:

Thanks! it’s my first!

Just note that as a Basic (TL1), you only have a few days to edit this.

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welcome to the docs @Splatter

how do you upgrade trust?

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It looks like a realistic elevator door.

No image? Also, good guide.

sorry i’ll fix it :slightly_frowning_face: give me a sec

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You’re fine.

I fixed it lol

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Nice first guide (finally, good looking elevator doors!)

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I edited the title and tags because

  1. ideas is used for people looking for ideas
  2. all art guides are 0/10 or :white_large_square:

How did you edit it?!

I am a regular here and therefore can edit anyone’s title and tags


Except locked ones (like update posts)

i’m aiming to get regular trust level. do you have to log in 15 consecutive days?

No that is member

thats member

i meant member lol. :melting_face: