A Documentary On the Counter [WIP]

Why though?

tags help people find what they are looking for no one looks for incomplete guides


This is just a direct copy of @GimSolver 's. Literally the exact same of his great guide.

I was inspired by his guide too. That’s why it says wip.

You copied his title, his body paragraph,and his writing style.

Same titles
Body paragraph - very

Exactly, my point exactly.

But that’s not mine.:pensive:

Oh, then @ClicClac is the culprit of this copy cat, sorry for accusing you.

I only did it because I assumed it would be okay, but please don’t blame @ClicClac . Plus, its a wip, I’ll be changing it pretty soon.

Then who must receive the blame. A shameless copy is not an ok thing.

You, know what, just blame me. I don’t wan’t to drag in other people.

No, that is unjust, I will not blame an innocent bystander for this crime. (Jeez, I can hear myself now.)

Same here! (the “I can hear myself part”) Lets get on topic now

Clicclac made the first guide in the series lol.


So @GimSolver was the copier? Or was @ClicClac the copee’d? And how do I make one of these?

One of them were the copies. And that’s good.

I’m pretty sure the nature of series would be REALLY different and confusing if they see this:

The gate console nature

What if I made, The nature of the barrier. Or the nature of the prop.

bruh no one copied each other, these were inspired guides and with permission (also @getrithekd it started with whoami, not clicclac)


Who do I ask to make one?