A different version of multi-menus

Sometimes, you make want the player to choose from 3 or more options for weapons, and you go with something like this:

But I wouldn’t recommend something like that. Instead, I would go with something different.

Let’s make a different multi-menu which lets you choose between the zapper, the wooden wand, the P.M.L, and the slingshot.

  1. Place a Pop-up and set the Header Text to “CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON” and set the Content Text to “(Close for more options)”. Set the Call to Action Label to “Zapper”, then set the Secondary Call To Action Label to “Wooden Wand”. Set them both to broadcast on the channel “DisableMenuProgression” when either one is clicked. Set the Pop-up to open when receiving on the Channel “OpenWeaponMenu”

  2. Place 2 items Granters, one to grant a zapper while the other to grant a wooden wand. Wire the pop-up to the item Granter with the zapper (Primary call to action clicked - Grant Item), then wire the pop-up to the Item Granter with the wooden wand (Secondary call to action clicked - Grant Item)

  3. Place a trigger that is inactive on game start. Set it to Activate when receiving on “OpenWeaponMenu” then set it to deactivate when receiving on “DisableMenuProgression”. Set the trigger delay to 0.5. Wire the pop-up to the Trigger (Popup closed - Trigger)

  4. Copy and paste the entire set-up over for the next set of options, now edit the popups Call to Action labels and the item granters item to grant to the next options (P.M.L and Slingshot) wire the trigger from the previous set-up to the pop-up on the other set-up (Triggered - Open Popup).

  5. Re-wire everything for the next part like in the previous set-up. Except wire the other trigger back to the original pop-up from the previous set-up. (Triggered - Open Pop-up), Also, change the pop-up in the next set-up to open on no channel.

Now, you should have something like this:

I think… we are done.

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Nice Guide! This is actually a clever idea. I never thought of this…

Don’t forget, (suggestion) pictures are powerful! But, you have a pretty good guide! Good job!

Nice guide!