A brief look into the Veil Project - Chapter 1

This is the pre-game image. As it should, it draws from multiple points and locations throughout the game. (The family portrait resembles the main character (Annalise)'s family that broke apart after she got lost in the Veil.)

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Oh! and realistic sizes too! How long have you been making this?

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I spent all night making the area in the picture.

Well, keep up the good work! :+1:

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Are you making this into a guide?

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What I mean is, I don’t thing the forums are here just to show off your work.

This is a showcase, which isn’t allowed on the forums. Please refrain from posting things like this in the future.

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happy fourth of July too you too.

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If they don’t remove it, that’s moderation’s issue.

There was no indication that you flagged it.
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I’m going to change the topic back to its original state, despite the backlash. Changing the title is nonsense, but I did remove the tags from the topic
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someone did flag:

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Would most showcases be considered “off-topic”, or with the new Art topic could that also fall under the area of Art?

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You could disguise a showcase by making a post with “How can I improve this area of my game?” as the title and then putting screenshots of your game inside… or asking for a thumbnail request and putting screenshots of your game again because you want people who draw your thumbnail to take inspiration from what actually occurs inside your game.