[3-month old Incomplete Guide]

Note:This is not yet complete because I am still making the game but I will add it as I finish. I am currently working on the lobby. Lobby Tips: The lobby is the area you are in before the host starts the way you can make this is simple all you need is to make a spawn pad and set it to work pre-game and for the real game make a spawn pad that is set to game. For decoration try using a boardwalk floor and exposed boardwalk with a layer or two down for extra detail. If you want to add instructions add them to a blackboard sign and use legs (flip one to get both sides) and add decorations! Maybe add some rocks to the water (make sure to turn of shadows) or you can add a fishing area, a beach nearby even if part of it is cut off still add for editors because it will just look weird (if you want make an admin room that can be used by editors to get to areas faster!)

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I dont think this person is still able to fix this, moving to devices, incomplete guide.

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