3 bugs in one (Wire repeater and Ball zone bugs)

1: I’m using a wire repeater for my map, and it’s gone invisable. Here is the proof:
Screenshot 2024-02-06 12.39.20 PM
(This is a refreash issue I just thought it should be known because I’ve got another problem).
2: This may not be a bug, but it’s very annoying and I feel like it shouldn’t be a feature. Here is the setup:

The ball zone went invisable for some reason, but it’s on the top right with a wire connecting from it to th sentry. It says, “When ball enters zone - Deactivate sentry.”
3: Ball zone went invisable, but it’s reappered now. Just needed a refreash as well.

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This looks like my map same amount of disorganization and randomness.

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It might have to do with the amount of lag you would get from wires. (Not from the don’t look down update progress.)

Also, the map uses 7% memory.

This bug has occurred for someone else, it was fixed after a few refreshes. Not sure what causes it, but it seems to just be another part of the collection of bugs after the most recent update.


Thank you. I’ve noticed the rest of topics, but they didn’t include some of these.

7%… you dare oppose me mere mortal.

Try to remain on topic. Also memory isn’t always a good scale of complexity, keep that in mind.


its not complexity. it is the sheer number of randomness.

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What is the name of this game. I must play it.

okay i will send a pm

. <Live, love laugh>

That is name? (Say in Russian Accent)

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Ok. now delete the post

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? What? What is that?

the permanent link. lasts forever. i can send it and once you copy it, delete the post

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