2 thumbnail requests pls pls pls

two thumbnails needed,
1st fish pvp
gims fighting
purple grass space and desert
fish helping the gims
fish boss.
Polaris gim or admiral pulsar or any other gim flying through space unconcious
with a kinda wrecked ship in the background being attacked by other ships

the fact that people are actually helping is so awesome. the first time I asked for a thumbnail a regular took of my tag and that was it.

here are some pictures of the ship in game. (also not finished but still)

This is kinda important for me because this is my first map

I can try but I’m not very good at it… What do you want in it is there anything specific you want? ( by specific I mean background or something like that )

2 thumbnails, and the rest is up there

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I gotta go now so me not on for a bit

I can make the ejection thumbnail if you want

Here is the one for THE EJECTION:

Anything you want me to edit @SR-71Blackbird?

maybe put the ship that the gim is ejecting from?

How does this look @SR-71Blackbird?

Anything else you want me to edit?

I can make the fish pvp thumbnail.

the ship is also being attacked so I wouldn’t have that one gim there. its a emergency ejection (you find that out in game)

go ahead. you can do it.

Do you still want the door or do you want him to crash through a window?

yes keep the door. also add the ship being attacked

and maybe make the ship a bit more visible

How about this? Sorry I keep getting it wrong lol


YESSSS that is awesome. Now I need a fish pvp one.

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Can I try making a “The Ejection” one? Just so you can see a different style.

sure! I am open to lots of thumbnails, (I was expecting this to take a while)

I’ll make one! I think I have time!